Dealing with spam is a frustrating and time wasting activity for everyone, and a costly one for businesses. It is estimated that spam can cost $1400 per user per year in lost productivity. Also, spam consumes computing resources and can present legal problems for companies that don't take the necessary steps to STOP offensive materials from reaching employees. HostedinCanada/HostedinAmerica is dedicated to fighting spam and employs some of the best technology in the world to fight spam.

If you are tired of dealing with spam, then it is time to move to

Not only do we supply ALL hosting clients with anti-spam protection: for no additional charge, we allow your end users to control the level of screening based on personal preferences. Select from Low, Medium, High or Custom settings, and decided if you want the Spam delivered, marked or deleted.

Complete spam control for every individual user. Call now for more details 1-866-730-2040 or email us at


For more information, please call our toll free number at

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