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While the HIC/HIA - Website Builder Tool can help you build a large and complex e-commerce site, you don’t want to pay for those features if you aren’t going to use them. As a result, HIC/HIA - Website Builder Tool is available in five packages, and you can upgrade to a more sophisticated package whenever you require additional tools. The packages are tailored to the needs of different audiences:

Go Value: A basic, one-page package for customers in need of a small website. This package allows you to display contact information.

Go Bronze: A simple three-page package that includes personal templates, a photo album and more.

Go Silver: For individuals seeking a more established presence. Features of this 10-page package include a site creation wizard, image editor, photo album and sample content pages (e.g. resumes).

Go Gold: Includes a custom form creator, Flash animation editor, maps, driving directions and all the features of a personal website. This package is accompanied by 30 pages.

Go Platinum "E-commerce": For individuals or companies that wish to build an online storefront. HIC/HIA - Website Builder Tool’s e-commerce wizard allows you to set up a store and integrate with many industry standard payment gateways in a matter of minutes. This package includes 70 pages.

Build Your Own Website Today!

Compare Website Builder Packages

Internet tools have now progressed to a point where you no longer have to rely on expensive design firms when you are ready to establish an online presence. Instead, you can now build a website yourself using online web design tools. Establishing an Internet presence has never been easier.

Unfortunately, not all website building tools are created equal. You must be vigilant in your selection of a web hosting company and web design tool. Make sure your choice can scale with your needs as your site continues to grow.

HIC/HIA - Website Builder Tool delivers an unparalleled number of features that are suitable for websites both large and small, and exceeds every requirement of a functionally robust online website building solution. The tool’s WYSIWYG interface makes developing feature-rich sites easy, and allows you to develop a complex website that would typically cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for only a fraction of the price.

HIC/HIA - Website Builder Tool a reliable, feature-rich solution that can deliver remarkable cost savings, and that can be easily integrated with the services you currently subscribe to. Please contact us for more details.


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