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There are several basic features that should be included in any online website design tool you are considering:

Programming-free editor: One of the main objectives of an online site design tool is to simplify the process of designing a professional website. Reputable online site design tools include a ‘point and click’ design interface. Using this interface, you do not need any experience or knowledge of HTML to build a great site. Instead, you are provided with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment that is similar to a word processing software suite, allowing you to design a website without any programming knowledge.

Template styles: Most online site design tools also provide you with professional design templates to ensure a consistent, professional look and feel. An extensive template selection also decreases the chance that your site will look the same as someone else’s site.

Navigation manager: As a website grows, keeping track of its organizational structure becomes increasingly difficult. The purpose of a navigation manager is to simplify the process of incorporating and maintaining the overall structure of a website. Your website design tool must have a solution to manage this complex task.

Browser-based: Choosing a fully integrated, web-based solution ensures that annoying software downloads and updates are never required.
Value-added options and plug-ins: Additional features that extend beyond basic website functionality can increase visitor retention and result in more time spent on your website. You need an online website design tool that offers these plug-ins, which often include maps, news and hit counters. These tools not only enhance the end user experience on a customer site, but can also generate more traffic.
Scalability: An online website design tool should be able to provide you with more advanced features and solutions as your site grows. Choosing a scalable solution will ensure you can incorporate additional features into your website when required.

Redundancy and reliability: In order for your website to be effective, it needs to be online. The same goes for a design tool – if it’s not online, you are not able to make important changes to your site. Make sure to choose a solution that has a reputation for uptime and redundancy.


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