Urchin Web Statistics and Log Analysis Tool
Designed to provide critical insight into your Web site's user activity (Windows®2003 hosting customers only), Urchin's powerful reporting and easy to use Web-based interface allow you to get the traffic data you need to know more about your visitors.

$14.95 Per Month Each Domain

From basic to highly detailed traffic metrics, Urchin reports on a wide spectrum of information that is indispensable to anyone interested in the design, marketing or hosting of a Web site.

How Do I Get It?

Use Urchin to: Urchin's Reporting Features:

Benchmark overall Web site success daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
Assess the effectiveness of advertising/marketing campaigns
Perform search engine optimization
Evaluate link arrangements
Locate and resolve errors
Monitor your traffic and bandwidth
Do comparative and historical data analysis


Accessible through SiteControl
Intuitive, in-depth reports
Flexible date range functionality-you specify the exact time period for your reports
Search Function Finds What You're After. Reports feature a search capability to narrow the report down to just what you're looking for.
Export Data Easily. Want to put a particular report's information into an Excel® spreadsheet? Urchin's Export Data function allows you to do just that.
View Reports by Any Parameter. Most reports allow you to view the data by several different parameters, such as Sessions, Pageviews, Hits, Bytes, etc.
Dig Deeper. Urchin 4's best-in-class path analysis allows you to easily see which true paths (including the Back button!) visitors used.
Multilingual functionality-view reports in 10 languages, switchable on-the-fly
Performance leader: Fast loading reports, fast log processing,

The Best Reporting Available! Totally Flexible Date Range Reporting.

Find Bad Links from Other Sites.
Error checking reports track Referral Errors so you can root out broken links. Fixing problems is easier than ever before

100% Web-Based Reports.
View reports from any computer connected to the internet or configure Urchin to only allow local access-your choice.

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